Congregation Of The Oaks Church


The Congregation Of The Oaks Church: A Church of “The Way”, also known as “C.O.T.O.,” is the legal structure for a Wayest religion based on the beliefs and practices of the ancient Celts, and the needs of people today. C.O.T.O. is a non-profit religious, educational, and charitable corporation, organized under article 2.14, as provided by the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act, to practice the full spectrum of legal activities practiced by any religious organization.

We define “The Way” as an ecologically nature based religion and way of life. We are dedicated to the preservation of our world and belief in GOD, “The All”, and the full achievement of human potential, the worship of the Old Gods and Ancestors in a modern world, and the creation of a world of peace, love, freedom, health, religiously tolerant and prosperity for all beings.